Generalist and specialist at the same time.

Generalist and specialist at the same time.
Hans Rollmann is a generalist and simultaneously specialist for everything as a whole. He has never specialized in one single, limited design process.

Thereby he avoided the oftentimes inevitable fate of being labeled simply a hospital architect, an industrial architect,
or an interior architect who specializes in interiors as a result of career paths.

Broad spectrum.

Hans Rollmann’s spectrum remained broad. It covers the entire architectural spectrum from superstructures to interior architecture, all the way up to single objects – still keeping the construction project as the main focal and starting point, which is what distinguishes all responsible architects.

The construction of a private residential building is perhaps the best representation of a human’s respective needs. It requires empathy for the desires of the user, who is simultaneously the client.

It requires a specifically developed aptitude to erase any of the client’s preconceived notions, in terms of design and functionality, to lead them on the path to an architectural project that fits their current and most importantly future life.

Residential housing

A contemporary interpretation of modern classic can be found in the residents, Landwehr, Buettner, and Kunkel. Broadly stored, structured with shear walls, cubes, and stakes is the house Buettner in Zweibruecken from the year 2002 – without a doubt an excellent critical Neo modern example that did not fall victim to fashion trends.

The resident Scheer in Dudweiler, which was constructed only a year earlier, is a variation of the same leading motive, similarly to the House Landwehr in Saarbrücken from the year 2008. Freestanding on a suitable property, free from previously existing structures and backed by the appropriate budget, we were able to actualize introverted facades towards the street with generous openings towards the back yard.

Our architecture is a result of combining multiple perspectives, that translates to an enduring design language.

Office Homburg

Office Saarbrücken

Office Frankfurt am Main

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