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Historic buildings

Restoration of Villa N

The villa N in Homburg is an outstanding example of preservation, thanks to the innovative restructuring of old construction material.

The manorial property was completely restored in 2006. With its structured surfaces inside and out, the valuable parquet floor, and paneled walls, it encompasses both the new and old needs of its residents.

Specific changes to the interior architecture alongside a more modern kitchen design have kept the house from becoming museum-like.


Reconstruction of House R

The town villa from the year 1900 was pitted and fundamentally reconstructed.

The backside addition from the 1950s was integrated into the living space. We then added a new foyer with a storage room, alongside an expansion of the garage. The new triple-glassed wood windows, alongside an update on the appliances and open spaces with ceilings up to 3,00m high with natural stone and parquet floors, allow for contemporary living.

All interior furnishings, the kitchen and dressing room, as well as baths, interior concepts, and lighting was completely designed by our office. The sauna made out of walnut wood was custom designed by us, as well.

The new, smooth exterior plaster and paint were completed with mineral materials, and the pre-existing sandstone pedestal was cleaned and renovated.

Traffic construction

Pedestrian bridge in Lebach

Hans Rollmann always chose his own path -even if it meant taking a detour on the way to his destination, especially when it came to designing traffic constructions.

The best example is the pedestrian bridge in Lebach, built in 2008. Passing the “Theel” stream has now suddenly turned into more than an infrastructure solution. Instead of being economically optimized and straight as an arrow, the bridge has a seemingly unnecessary bend to it.

Pedestrians don’t pass the bridge in the quickest way possible – instead of being led through the outlines of a flat s-curve. This pathway demands a shift in perspective. Repeatedly, the same environment is received very differently.

The result of the passage is the same – but the journey is perceived much more like an enrichment by the pedestrian. The bridge, therefore, kindly allows for the path to be one’s destination.


Construction of a new education center

Here, two buildings with different requirements were combined, alongside additions of the bureau and seminar room, to form an architectural and functional unit. 

The new construction ended up having two stories in a conventional design. Doors and windows are outfitted with noise-insulating glass. The stake free main hall offers room for lectures, seminars, and other classes for up to 100 people. Highlights of the highest quality include a solid parquet floor made out of oak wood, the acoustic ceiling, modern IT with beamer and screen, as well as electric sockets, designed for flexible room utility. 

The lighting of the room is equipped with 500 LUX, as well as with linear LED ceiling lights regulated by RGB controls. The second story is used mainly for bureau space, client meetings, and customer care. Picture windows with noise-insulating glass flood the rooms transparently with light. The interior fittings with custom-designed furniture display micro-perforated surfaces. 

The addition of designer furniture makes for a clear and timeless workspace. The single storied connection between the new construction and the gatekeeper’s house is an entrance area, break room as well as a restroom area.

Interior architecture

Restaurant R

The interior architecture of Hans Rollmann never puts itself on a stage. “La Touraine”, represents the 1970s/80s and later would be reconstructed to what is now Restaurant Roma. The eatery shows decorative elements, which are nevertheless used sparingly and with space creation in mind. This is done, so the design of the individual rooms is suitable for the shelf life of a restaurant concept.

Restoration of the Schlossberg Hotel

The Schlossberg hotel in Homburg was restored and reconstructed in an effort to sustain a historically relevant site. Instead of making major changes to rooms and the overall functionality, we added tasteful accents to elevate the hotel to a new standard. 

Nothing was left to chance. A new design with custom furnishings and modern LED lights give the hotel a touch of comfort that will continue to provide a welcoming atmosphere for patrons many years into the future. Similarly, we used a very specific color palette that fit the character of the inn. Hotel rooms were climatized accordingly.

This local favorite, full of tradition, thereby received a comprehensive makeover, giving it a timeless character.

Our architecture is a result of combining multiple perspectives, that translates to an enduring design language.

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